Convention Schedules                
Note: Forums & Times are Subject to Change

Convention / Hamfest Grounds Schedule               
Saturday, August 4, 2018: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Setup opens @ 6:00 am)
Sunday, August 5, 2018: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm (Setup opens @ 6:00 am)

Banquet & Wouff Hong Ceremony: Saturday Night           
6:00 pm Happy Hour Social Gathering
7:00 pm Meal Served, Keynote address by Rick Roderick, K5UR, ARRL President
9:30 pm+ Wouff Hong Ceremony

Make-It / Take-It Build Project Schedule – Saturday                      
10:00 am Cricket Build Project
11:00 am Fox Hunt Forum
1:00 pm Fox Hunt Antenna Build Project
3:00 pm On-Site Fox Hunt
4:00 pm Humanalight Build Project

ARRL QSL Card Checking: Available during convention hours

Consignment Table: There will be an indoor consignment table operated by CVARC. The fee is 10% of the sell price.  Contact Tom Hess, KDØHF, 319-395-9620 to make arrangements.

Volunteer Examiner (VE) Testing Sessions: Contact Darrel Peterson, WAØKHH, to sign up for a license exam.  The exams will be administered at:
1:00 pm Saturday, August 4th
9:00 am Sunday, August 5th

Outdoor Demonstration Area (Track Infield)

11:00 am Saturday – Quad Copter Flight
This is a demonstration of putting up antenna supports for wire antennas and such, possible method to inspect an antenna without climbing a tower. and anything else that might be of interest to people.

2:00 pm Saturday – Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration
This is an autonomously guided ground vehicle that uses on-board logic to find the best route for travel.

9:00 am Sunday – Helium Balloon Launch
The payload will be carrying a cross band repeater the up link will be 446.100 mhz tone 136.5 down link 146.56 mhz . the call sign on the aprs will be N0IWN The icon will be a balloon and location and data will be available at APRS.FI Web site during the flight Launch is scheduled for Sunday morning as weather conditions Saturday will not be good. launch will be between 8am and1 pm weather permitting. Launch location Central city Iowa ARRL Convention. Operators up to 900 miles of central city should be able to communicate thru the repeater at 90,000 ft.

1:00 pm Sunday – Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration
This is an autonomously guided ground vehicle that uses on-board logic to find the best route for travel.


SATURDAY – Area 1                        
10:00 am             The Search for Amelia – Rod Blocksome, KØDAS
11:00 am             Amateur Radio Emergency Service – Scott Haney, NØGUD
1:00 pm               ARRL Forum – Rod Blocksome, KØDAS, Art Zygielbaum, KØAIZ
2:00 pm               Long-Distance Communications (DX) – Kansas City DX Club & Eastern Iowa DX Association
3:00 pm               Repeater Councils Meetup – Chris Conklin, NØCF, Iowa Repeater Council

SATURDAY – Area 2                        
10:00 am             Collins Locations – Mark Stoffer Hunter
11:00 am             Collins AN/ARC-58 Wins Strategic Air Command and More – Francesco Ledda, K5URG
1:00 pm               The Iowa DMR Project – Tom Bicket, AEØTB & Scott Lowe, WAØTPN
2:00 pm               IEEE Forum – David Cripe, NMØS & Dan Roesler, WDØHOJ
3:00 pm               EMP Coronal Mass Ejections and the Electronic Apocalypse – David Cripe, NMØS

SATURDAY – Area 3                        
10:00 am             University of Iowa Operator Performance Laboratory – Dr. Tom Schnell
11:00 am             Radio Fox Hunting Fundamentals – Clint Miller WØGR
1:00 pm               ARRL Product Review Testing Process and Tests – Bob Allison, WB1GCM
2:00 pm               Electronics Kit Building – Joe Eisenberg KØNEB
3:00 pm               Amateur Radio Growth – Tim Busch, NØCKR

SUNDAY – Area 1                           
9:00 am                STEM Educational Opportunities – Monica Challenger
10:00 am             Youth Tech (Scouts, 4-H, & Others) – Dudley Allen KDØNMD
11:00 am             Amateur Radio & Boy Scouts – Troup 40 Mt. Vernon, IA
1:00 pm               Youth Robotics Programs – Erik Malvik

SUNDAY – Area 2
9:00 am                Software Defined Radios – Marty Wittrock, KNØCK
10:00 am             Introduction to KiCad PC and Schematic Layout – Barry Buelow, WØIY